10 Text Message Marketing Stats All Business Owners Should Know

Text message marketing has exploded in the last few years and with the growing influence of mobile technology, business owners will rely on mobile marketing even more.

If you have not already embraced sms marketing, it’s about time you opened your arms and get ready for a mobile bear hug. Below are 10 statistics that will convince you sms text messaging is the present and future of digital marketing.

More Mobile Than Humans

The US Census Bureau estimate the world population is around 7.2 billion and another 120 souls arrive every minute. There are also 7.2 billion SIM cards in active use around the world which equals the number of people. But the rate of mobile devices in use is growing at a rate of 300 a minute which clearly outstrips humans.  (Source: CNET)

Mobile users are always close to phone

According to head of travel for Facebook, Lee McCabe, 79% of smartphone owners are within an arms reaching distance from their phone for all but three hours of a day. 80% of Americas sleep with their cell phones next to their bed and is the first thing they check in a morning.

People automatically check phone for alerts

According to Pew Research 67% of cell phone owners check for messages even when they have not had an alert. Not only that, but a survey published by Bank of America showed that 80% of Americans say their cell phone is better than sex and 20% of people check their phones mid-romp. (Source: Huffington Post)

90% of text messages opened

There are various statistics knocking around the internet about the percentage of text messages that are opened within a short space of time. They are all high, ranging from 90% to 98% depending on the survey. We can safely say that 90% of text marketing messages are opened within 15 minutes of receipt. (Source: Quora)

Consumers open to push notifications

According to experts, cell phone owners are happy to receive push notifications that provide useful information. Push notifications are becoming increasingly popular for improving loyalty programs, personalized marketing and converting users to other channels. (Source Linkdex)
  1. Consumers prefer text messages
  2. Digital Marketing Association report that 44 per cent of consumers prefer to receive details about products and services via a text marketing message than any other communication channel. And considering the response rates are higher, sms marketing is the way to go.
  3. Consumers act on sms marketing messages
Fifty per cent of consumers in the US confirmed they have purchased goods after receiving an sms about related products. Providing the message is relevant to them, mobile users are inclined to act on the same day. (Source Jaconsclevenger)

Over $100 billion spent on mobile advertising

The global spend on mobile marketing broke through the $100 billion dollar mark this year and that figure is expected to almost double over by 2019. The reason for such phenomenal spending is because sms marketing works and delivers excellent ROI. (Source eMarketer)

Smartphone owners like mobile vouchers

According to the latest statistics, the number of people redeeming mobile coupons is growing at an exponential rate. According to figures published by accessdvelopment, 42% of cell phone users have taken advantage of mobile coupons whilst 96% of Americans confirmed they plan to use their mobile device to find better bargains.

What sms messages do consumers want?

Having established that sms marketing is a viable option and should be included in your digital marketing campaign, we thought we would give you a final hint of successfully reaching out to consumers. Other than points mentioned above, cell phone owners are happy to receive text marketing messages from brands that provide them with useful advice such as confirming the status of their order, scheduling appointments, confirming reservations and purchases, and notification of sale dates. (Source: various)

The statistics for sms marketing are overwhelming and providing brands make intelligent use of the medium provide a cost-effective solution to improve lead generation, customer engagement and conversions. If you have any questions about text message marketing, do not hesitate to get in touch.

10 Text Message Marketing Stats All Business Owners Should Know
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10 Text Message Marketing Stats All Business Owners Should Know
Very important statistics business owners should know regarding text message marketing
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