5 Tips For A Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing is a popular channel of communication with brands. The primary reason for that is because 90% of messages are read within three minutes.

However, the next hurdle for brands is to persuade recipients to take action. Below are 5 key ingredients you should include in your text messages to increase the success rate of your sms marketing campaign.

Send the right message to the right people

The biggest complaint for consumers is that the sms marketing messages they receive are not relevant to them. Brands often make the same mistake with email marketing and consumers subsequently unsubscribe.

It is important for brands marketing in the digital age to maintain accurate consumer profiles. There is plenty of information available about your customers so learn what they like, what their interests are and only send offers to them that they are likely to want.

Get your timing right

SMS marketing has an element of immediacy and timing is everything. For example, if you are using geo-targeting to identify customers that are in the area, sending a text offering discounts on products they like increases the chances of driving them into your store.

Similarly, promoting offers that are time sensitive (‘for one week only,’ ‘only three left in store’), projects an element of urgency customers need to act on immediately. Otherwise, they will probably forget you ever even sent them a message.

Keep your message short

Given you only have 160 characters of space to work with on the texting platform, you are somewhat bound to thrifty messages anyway. But customers also don’t want to read a ream of text. Your message should get straight to the point and deliver your offer quickly and precisely.

Use SMS Messaging to support wider marketing goals

An sms marketing message doesn’t always have to be an offer. You can use text messaging effectively to raise product awareness, tell people about your app, or promote a special event your customers may be interested in.

Include a call to action

Open ended messages that do not instruct recipients what to do next will leave them confused and hanging on the proverbial thread. A call to action explains the next step the customer has to take in order to benefit from your offer.

Not only do customers need telling what to do, they expect it. Consumers have become so accustomed to receiving instructions, if you don’t tell them what to do next, you appear unprofessional and untrustworthy.

SMS marketing can have huge benefits for brands and your customers. Remember that everyone loves a bargain and are more compelled to buy if they feel they are getting a good deal.

And SMS marketing is the most direct and successful method of making sure your offer reaches your customers and is read. Providing the deal you’re offering provides sufficient incentive, you can expect to increase sales and receive a healthy ROI from your sms marketing campaigns.

5 Tips For A Successful SMS Marketing Campaign
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5 Tips For A Successful SMS Marketing Campaign
Tips for a successful SMS marketing campaign
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