The Advantages Of Using An SMS Messaging Service

Advantages of an SMS Messaging Service

SMS marketing services are gathering speed. An increasing number of digital marketers are releasing incredible statistics that underscore impressive engagement rates when they send an sms to online users.

Providing you have been given permission to contact mobile phone owners, text message marketing can pay real dividends. And the smart and easy way is to sign up to a bulk sms messaging service. Especially one that offers a free trial like BulkTextMessage!

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing services give you the tools to directly contact a large group of people in an instant. Statistics show that 90% of sms marketing messages are opened within 3 seconds.

It’s very simple. You type the bulk sms message you want to send to targeted customers and either send it immediately or schedule it for a date and time of your choosing. And because you have type space for a maximum of 160 characters, your message is concise and easily digestible.

And this is why text message marketing is increasingly popular. They are personal, short and raise curiosity. People want to know want the next step is, and a well composed sms marketing message will compel them to make the next move.

SMS performs better than email

SMS marketing has a pretty good return rate on subscriber action. In terms of personal marketing, nothing gets you closer than a text. And modern consumers are warm to personal marketing – providing it is well placed and not intrusive.

Some marketers claim that email is the most powerful digital marketing channel. Yet SMS wallops emails with a staggering open rate of 98% v 20% for email.

Okay, let’s cut email a little slack; there are less spam filters for text messages to hurdle so of course sms marketing has a higher hit rate. Or maybe it’s that tiny little vibrating buzz smartphones give off that compels people to open sms notifications. Consumers are a curious bunch.

Robust scheduling

We can’t speak for all sms marketing services, but the BulkTextMessage system is robust and allows you to scale as many messages as you need to send and fine tune your campaign to the needs of your business.

And because our bulk sms service does not have any limitations on numbers, you can reach as many customers as you like. It’s so easy you won’t even break a sweat.

Convenient, efficient and time-productive, you can even schedule messages in advance and set the time you want them to fly. You’re not chained to our sms messaging service.

SSL Security

We use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol because it is the most common security measure used today so is compatible with all modern mobile handsets – 6 billion or so of them.

This makes it convenient for you and your customers. If you have a large team, on a recruitment drive or a high turnover of sms marketing recruits, SSL makes it easy to create multiple accounts. There is of course a master administrator account so the top authority can monitor the activity of users.

Supports other digital marketing efforts

SMS marketing services can be integrated into you over digital marketing strategy and used at every stage of the customer journey

For example, say you send out an email, but it goes unopened. Because sms messaging has a far superior open rate, you can knock off a messaging asking your customer if they have read your email. This works a treat – reminders sent by sms increase email read rates by 20-30% (smartinsights).

Data collection

Using a dedicated sms marketing service enables you to track meaningful data for things like ROI, delivered messages v read messages, together with customer feedback.

Analytical data is essential to any digital marketing channel; and so is customer feedback. You can use an sms to ask a quick question or even engage customers with a short trivia quiz like Bing are trying on their homepage.

Not only can savvy advertising messages like this help you collect more consumer data, but you can increase customer engagement and drive traffic to your website all with one bulk sms.

Integrate apps

SMS functionality makes it possible for businesses to measure the performance of their app against popular apps like angry birds and the moron test – in other words apps that are used by a lot of people on a daily basis.

Bulk sms service providers are ideally placed to integrate your app because they have a reliable network reach and provide a secure and stable service. BulkTextMessage also provide free customer support.

Not all SMS messaging services offer API, but BulkTextMessage do and we can provide you with a global messaging network that gives you access to app usage against social media and online banking services.

We also have competitive pricing for our bulk sms marketing service together with a month’s free trial worth up to 500 credits. You can find out how many credits you need to send an sms here.

Bottom Line

SMS marketing services provide businesses like yours with a number of key advantages that will increase customer engagement and support your overall digital marketing campaign.

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The Advantages Of Using An SMS Messaging Service
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The Advantages Of Using An SMS Messaging Service
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