The Benefits Of Using An SMS Messaging Service To Conduct a Survey

There are more benefits to sms marketing services than popping off bulk text messages to promote your latest deals to customers. Incorporating a customer survey into your sms marketing campaign enables you to gather critical information about your customers and your business.

Customers surveys are an essential piece of the marketing puzzle. Use them to gather relevant information about how people perceive your business and your products, learn more about what the needs of your customers are and gather general feedback than can help you improve your service and your sms marketing campaigns.

The information you collect from customer surveys gives you data you can use to enhance customer experience and raise awareness of your brand, products and services. But there are also several other benefits you should know about.

SMS customer surveys are cost effective

Traditional methods of launching customer surveys are expensive and take a lot of time to arrange. Sending your staff on the street uses your resources otherwise you pay a specialist marketing agency to perform the service for you. SMS customer surveys allow you to avoid unnecessary costs and are quick and easy to launch.

Text messaging receives more open rates

Survey after survey in the field of sms marketing shows that the open rates of test messages are far greater than any other marketing channel or traditional methods. Whilst email is considered the best channel by the majority of digital marketers, its 20% open rate pales in comparison with the 90+ open rate businesses report for sms marketing.

Given mobile devices are central to modern life, the use of mobile phones and tablets continues to increase year on year which continuously presents businesses with more opportunities to get closer to your audience, and given people are more receptive to sms marketing, sms customers surveys increase your chances of generating leads.

Honest feedback

When businesses conduct customer surveys face-to-face, people tend to answer positively out of politeness. But positive responses don’t really help you identify areas of your business that you need to improve on in order to deliver a better service and grow your customer base.

When people respond to private text messages they are more inclined to be honest with their assessment. And it is this type of information that is most crucial. When you know how your customers really feel about your brand, you have the insight into what needs improving the things about your business that people don’t like and promoting more of the things people do like.

SMS text messaging service are versatile tools you can add to your digital marketing kit-box. And if you use sms marketing to collect information as well as deliver information, you will find that sms messaging services work to your advantage more than any other digial marketing channel.

The Benefits Of Using An SMS Messaging Service To Conduct a Survey
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The Benefits Of Using An SMS Messaging Service To Conduct a Survey
Three reasons why you can benefit from an SMS Survey
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