How Can I Send Bulk SMS Online?

SMS messaging is a mobile thing right? Well, it used to be, but thanks to text messaging gateways you can now send bulk SMS online via your desktop computer.

Not only that, but SMS gateways are one of the fastest growing computer applications in the world. And they are easy to integrate into your existing IT network.

But what is an SMS Gateway and how can you send a text message online?

Online SMS Gateways

Sending SMS online is so popular with businesses worldwide, the competition is growing at an exponential rate. There are already plenty of options for businesses like yours to choose from.

An SMS Gateway enables you to convert a short message using a range of computer-based media and send it to a mobile network. Emails are perhaps the most common example, but there are also dedicated applications you can use to send bulk SMS.

Other common examples are instant messenger services such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AIM and Gmail. You will probably already be familiar with many of these services without realizing they are SMS gateways.

Although the above mentioned services are free, they are also limited. And the incapacity means sending bulk SMS is a slow and laborious process. And in business, time is precious.

But there is another solution!

How to send bulk sms from your PC

Let’s say you need to land thousands of marketing messages for a seasonal promotion you want to launch. And you only have a week to reach your target. There’s no way you will get enough messages sent in time.

But you will with messaging software that enables you to send Bulk SMS online.

It is far easier to send bulk SMS from your PC than a mobile phone. Not only is it easier to type your message, but the wider screen space also makes the process of checking for spelling and grammar mistakes easier as well.

You also need messaging software that enables you to send group messages and select recipients that fit the profile of your target audience.

What we love about bulk sms messaging services is the flexibility and speed by which you can send bulk SMS online. By connecting the PDA device to your PC or laptop, you are instantly connected to mobile networks and can message multiple devices on home soil or internationally.

You do need reliable software that is capable of sending bulk SMS of course. Fortunately, SMS Gateway software is not expensive and is very easy to install on your PC. You don’t need a degree as a computer technician to work this type of software either.

A typical SMS messaging service interfaces with a mobile network service provider. This creates your gateway and ensures that messages sent from your desktop computer reach the mobile device of the recipients you are targeting.

Really, it’s that’s simple. Now you can send bulk sms online within a matter of minutes. Subsequently, you can expect to attract more customers to your online and offline stores.

Grow your profits this Christmas and ask us about are bulk sms online messaging service today.

How Can I Send Bulk SMS Online?
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How Can I Send Bulk SMS Online?
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