How Entertainment Venues Can Use SMS Marketing

SMS messaging is one of the best ways to pass on information people will actually read. So if you are staging an event at your entertainment venue, SMS marketing is the best way to let people know about it.

Texting is not the only marketing channel you should use of course. We recommend using SMS messaging to support your efforts in other marketing channels.

But because over 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, texting is by far the most powerful marketing medium of the technological age.

Whether your mission is to reach out to performers that can stage a show in your venue, or to generate interest in the event and pull in a packed auditorium, text message marketing is the most effective way to promote an entertainment venue.

How event coordinators can benefit from SMS Marketing

Before you are legally entitled to send SMS marketing messages to recipients, you are obligated to get the permission of subscribers. The best way to do this is by offering attractive incentives.

It should be noted that the suggestions below should be carried out every time you hold an event until you have accrued enough subscriptions to run successful SMS marketing campaigns in the long run.

Here are three proven strategies that work to generate opt-ins. Remember, the more numbers you collect, the more successful your text marketing campaigns will be.

  1. Free giveaways

People cannot resist entering draws when there is a free prize at stake. You will need to run a marketing campaign inviting people to text in with the incentive of winning a prize. The prize must be attractive enough to compel people to text in.

  1. Free tickets to event

You can generate interest in the current event you are holding by inviting local residents to win free tickets. This is an inexpensive offer, but generates excitement and raises awareness about the show.

  1. Offer discounts

To tempt people to text in, offer a discount on the tickets for the event. This tactic will generate more interest in the current event than you might have ordinarily received and helps you build a list of contacts for future events.

Promoting your entertainment venue

There are many ways you can promote your venue and the events you are staging. Of course, the marketing channels you use will sometimes depend on the type of venue and event you are hosting.

For example, if you have a wedding venue or somewhere businesses can hold seminars, attend expos that are geared towards the type of customers your event or venue is most likely to attract.

Word of mouth has always been the most productive marketing strategy, and now the majority of the world’s population is connected on social media, event coordinators have a powerful tool to help you spread the word.

There are also other digital marketing platforms you can use such as blogs, press releases and article-based social media sites such as Reddit and Quora.

Then of course there are the traditional offline marketing strategies such as banners, posters and flyers. All these resources can include an sms opt-in strategy that enables you to expand your list of mobile recipients for future events.

If you are hosting an entertainment show, the performers will also use their marketing channels to promote the performance. This should perhaps come into your thinking when signing on performers to stage shows in your entertainment venue.

Regardless of the type of venue or event you are hosting, sms marketing is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Not only does text messaging give you a channel to announce the event, but it can also be used as an incentive to build an audience that might not have otherwise shown an interest.

How Entertainment Venues Can Use SMS Marketing
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How Entertainment Venues Can Use SMS Marketing
Uses of SMS to promote entertainment venues
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