Glossary of Texting Terms For SMS Marketing

Texting has developed a language of its own. Below is a complete list of texting terminology you can use in your marketing messages, or if you are a consumer to interpret your txt msg:

?4U I have a question for you

121 One-to-one private chat

1337 ‘leet’ to mean elite

14AA41 – One for all, all for one

10X Thanks

10Q Thank you

1CE Once

1DR I wonder

1NAM- One in a million

20 “location”

2GTBT- Too Good To Be True

2M2H- Too Much To Handle

2moro – Tomorrow

2NTE –    Tonight

A3 Anytime, anywhere, any place

AA As above/Ask about/Alcoholics anonymous

AAK Alive and Kicking

AAMOI – As a matter of interest

AAP Always a pleasure

AAS Alive and smiling

ABD Already Been Done

ABT About

AC Acceptable content

ACC Anyone Can Come

ACK Acknowledge

ACPT- Accept

ACQSTN- Acquisition

ADAD- Another Day, Another Dollar

ADD Address

AEAP- As Early As Possible

AFPOE- A Fresh Pair Of Eyes

AH At Home

AIR As I Remember

AISB As It Should Be or As I Said Before

AISI As I see it

AMAP- As much as possible

AMBW- All My Best Wishes

AOC Available On Cell

AOTA- All Of The Above

APAC- All Praise And Credit

APP Application or Appreciation

AQAP- As Quick As Possible

ASIG As It Goes

A/S/L Age/Sex/Location

AYEC- At Your Earliest Convenience

AYW As You Wish

AZN Asian

B& Banned

B2B Business to Business

B2C Business to Consumer

B2W Back to Work

BTW By The Way

B4N Bye For Now

BAG Busting A Gut

BAE Before Anyone Else

BAFO- Best And Final Offer

BAO Be Aware Of

BBC Big Bad Challenge

BC Be Cool

BCOS- Because

BCNU – Be Seeing You

BD Big Deal

BDN Big Darn Number

BIF Before I Forget

BION Believe It Or Not

BITMT- But In The Meantime

BL Belly Laugh

BM&Y- Between Me & You

BN Bad News

BOLO- Be On The Lookout

BSF But Seriously Folks

BSTS- Better Safe Than Sorry

BT Between Technologies

BTA But Them Again

BTDT- Been There Done That

BTW By The Way

BYOB- Bring Your Own Beer

BYOC- Bring Your Own Computer

BYOD- Bring Your Own Device

C&G Chuckle and Grin

CHK Check

CICO- Coffee In, Coffee Out

CID Consider It Done

CLK Click

CM Call Me

CRB Come Right Back

CTO Check This Out

CU See You

CU2 See You Too

CYO See You Online

DDG Drop Dead Gorgeous

DL Download

DTRT- Do The Right Thing

E1 Everyone

E123 Easy As 1-2-3

ENUF- Enough

F Female

F2F Face to Face

FW Forward

FWIW – For What It’s Worth

FYEO- For Your Eyes Only

FYI For Your Information

GR8 Great

G9 Genius

GA Go Ahead

GL Good Luck

GFI Go For It

GMTA- Great Minds Think Alike

GRATZ- Congratulations

HF Have Fun

IFIP- I Feel Your Pain

IMS I Am Sorry

JFF Just For Fun

JIC Just In Case

J/K Just Kidding

LMK Let Me Know

NE1 Anyone

NP No Problem

OFC Of Course

OGIM- Oh God, It’s Monday

OIC Oh, I See

PIC Picture

QQ Quick Question

RLY Really

RSN Real Soon Now

RU Are you

RX Regards

THX Thanks

SAT Sorry About That

T+ Think Positive

TA Thanks a Lot

TGIF Thank Goodness It’s Friday

TSTB- The Sooner The Better

TLC Tender Loving Care

TMI Too Much Information

TTYL – Talk To You Later

TYVM – Thank You Very Much

W/B Welcome Back

WYWH – Wish You Were Here

YNK You Never Know

XOX Hug and Kisses

Do you have any SMS Marketing abbreviations we can add to our list? Please let us know of any new ones you have created!

Glossary of Texting Terms For SMS Marketing
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