Google Gives Businesses More Incentive To Use SMS Marketing

Even if you needed another incentive to adopt a bulk SMS marketing service, Google just gave you one.

Gary Illyes, the web analysis guy for the search engine champion, recently announced the company will make a change to the search results index.

The current index we are familiar with is designed for desktops. The proposed directory will be separate and will publish mobile-only results.

Not only that, but Illyes also confirmed the mobile-only directory will be given precedence over the current index. The new index will deliver “fresher” results. Whatever that means. The desktop will not be as fresh presumably.

Although Google has refused to put an exact date on the launch of the mobile index, Illyes did acknowledge it will be live in the coming months – early 2017.

How will the mobile index work?

How the proposed mobile index will effect user results has not been explained. Google has said they will be publishing updates on the Webmasters googleblog.


What we do know is that the mobile index will be Google’s priority. They are not dispensing with the desktop index, but the mobile directory will be separate and used as the “primary” index.

Although more clarification is needed as to how search results will work, online businesses can be assured that internet users are being encouraged to use their mobile phones to access the internet.

By making mobile surfing more user-friendly, consumers will become less reliant on desktops. Are we moving towards a mobile-only world? Not quite, but we are definitely living in a mobile-first world.

Google’s mobile-first world

Google has made no secret about its mission to improve the web experience on mobile devices.

The company has launched mobile-friendly tests so business owners can evaluate how user-friendly your website is for end-users. Furthermore, the Big G has imposed penalties on companies that do not have a mobile-ready website.

The introduction of the mobile-only index is yet another incentive for online businesses to prep your website so that it performs on smaller screens.

It is understandable that some small business owners are frustrated about how Google call the shots. The number of updates and change in SEO strategy is proving costly.

But Google also has the best interests of business owners at heart. By forcing you to upgrade your website and improve the user-experience for mobile customers, you increase your chances of making more sales and improving visibility in search results.

Given people use mobile devices to access the internet more than desktops, the reliance on mobile technology is becoming more important.

Businesses that adopt SMS marketing as part of their strategy to drive customers through the sales funnel can also benefit. If you are flirting with mobile customers using an SMS messaging service, it is best practice to drive them to a web platform they can enjoy using their mobile device.

SMS marketing is a powerful weapon in most marketing strategies. As internet users and technology companies create a mobile-first world, text message marketing has an even greater role to play.

Google Gives Businesses More Incentive To Use SMS Marketing
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Google Gives Businesses More Incentive To Use SMS Marketing
How Google's mobile index will work for your business marketing strategy.
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