How Night Clubs Can Boost Revenue With SMS Marketing

Night clubs are in a prime position to take advantage of SMS Marketing. Dropping a text message to revellers whilst they are out on the town and in good spirits is the quickest and most effective way of delivering your message.

And getting it read! More SMS messages are read by recipients than any other form of advertising.

Great marketing involves tempting customers with offers they can’t refuse. The power of suggestion is often too much for people to turn down – especially after a beer or three.

How to get customers to opt-in for SMS messaging

In the US, anti-spam regulations prevent marketers from sending SMS text messages without prior authorisation from the recipient. Therefore, before you embark on a bulk SMS marketing campaign, you need a list of recipients that have opted to receive text messages from your business.

There are many ways for night clubs to invite customers to opt-in. Posters, flyers, your website, social media networks, toilet doors and entrance tickets are all platforms you can raise awareness about your SMS offers.

All you have to do is create an enticing offer, give it a keywords and assign it with a shortcode. Then compose a marketing message that informs customers what they can get and what to do to get it.

For example:

2-4-1 cocktails when you TXT cocktails to 55379

Yes, it is that simple.

And with hundreds of revellers passing through your doors every weekend, you shouldn’t have any problems building a formidable subscription list of names willing to receive your offers.

Generating income from SMS marketing

Because bulk SMS messaging services are not expensive, it is possible to generate a great return on your investment. You can use text messaging services to promote offers, events, special nights – and even slow nights.

Creating an SMS marketing campaign and the metrics to track the performance of ads, takes a matter of minutes. So if you are having a quiet night, use the power of SMS marketing to pull in the crowds.

You can even prepare a campaign ready to launch beforehand – just in case you need it. But if you are already pulling in the punters, you don’t have to use it. And it won’t cost you anything.

You can also take advantage of mobile technologies that can be used to encourage customers to sign up for marketing campaigns. Sending coupons that can be scanned as a way of paying to get in or to buy drinks offers convenience and ‘cool.’

Furthermore, you can use geo-targeting to identify customers that are out drinking in the vicinity of your nightclub. If you get your timing right, you may be able to turn their heads and persuade them to come and party with you into the early hours.

SMS marketing for nightclubs (and bars) is an effective means of communication that easily generates more business – and saves you money. Ask us about our SMS marketing service today and pick up your profits.

How Night Clubs Can Boost Revenue With SMS Marketing
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How Night Clubs Can Boost Revenue With SMS Marketing
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