Are You Ready To Take Your Marketing To The Next Level?

Digital marketing offers a wealth of opportunities for small businesses. And by including SMS marketing in your arsenal you can push your marketing efforts up a notch or two.

But before you dive into a text marketing campaign, you need to be prepared. There is important information you need to know about and certain strategies you should consider. Read on squire.

First of all, you should brush up on the rules and regulations of SMS marketing in the US – if you do not know already. Long story short: you need permission from recipients.

Once you understand the rules, you need a strategy that will encourage customers to opt-in to your campaign. This should include an enticing initial offer that persuades them to subscribe to your SMS list.

Grow your SMS list

Before investing in SMS marketing services, you need a list of targets to send messages to. That involved growing your SMS list.

Attracting customers to subscribe is the hardest stage of SMS marketing. Have patience, be creative and advertise your SMS campaign in multiple locations such as:

So you have plenty of platforms to pitch your marketing message. All you need now is an enticing offer that will capture the attention of customers and compel them to subscribe to your SMS list.

The next step is to determine what the initial promotion should be in order to entice customers to subscribe. Arguably the best strategy is to pitch an offer consumer’s cannot refuse.

Although it makes sense to make a profit for your first SMS campaign, it is not a wise decision to be too miserly. The offer should be generous enough to get people to sign up. Otherwise, you don’t even get off the ground.

Use emotion create SMS marketing messages?

SMS marketing strategies should be centered around your target audience. Offering huge discounts is one way of gaining interest, but not the only way. It depends on the product or service you are promoting.

Whilst it is true that people cannot resist a bargain, the majority of customers are prepared to pay more for products they are emotionally invested in.

Studies in neuroscience have concluded that emotions are the primary factor behind a purchasing decision. fMRI imaging determined that consumers evaluate brands on personal feelings and experiences.

Therefore, before structuring an SMS marketing campaign, understand your audience and determine what emotional value will attach them to your promotion.

Emotional value is something that you should bear in mind in all future SMS marketing campaigns. Having worked hard to attract subscribers, you don’t want to pitch offers that are not relevant or low value otherwise customers will unsubscribe.

To run an effective SMS marketing campaign you also need an experienced and effective SMS marketing partner. For more information about our services contact SMSJOOKS today.

Are You Ready To Take Your Marketing To The Next Level?
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Are You Ready To Take Your Marketing To The Next Level?
Information and strategies to consider when intending to use digital marketing to make your business grow.
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