Send SMS Messages Online. Where To Find Trusted Sources?

SMS technology is so sophisticated now you can send a text message from your computer to a mobile phone over the internet. Although you will find plenty of companies offering internet to mobile phone services when you conduct a quick Google search, not all online sms messaging services are reliable.

Let’s get the negative aspect of sending an sms online out of the way first. There are many offers that sound appealing, but not as many that can be trusted.

If an sms service provider offers you ‘free’ and/or ‘unlimited’ computer-to-phone messaging, there is probably a catch. It is usually the case that people using these services are later inundated with spam advertising messages.

Sometimes the service does not even work. The ads have simply been set up by a company that takes your details and sells them to corporations that buy email lists for the purpose of spamming. Fortunately, not all online sms services are so scrupulous.

Dedicated SMS websites

There are legitimate businesses (like Bulktextmessage) that offer a dedicated sms marketing service. Most companies of this nature offer internet to mobile phone text messaging services that are reliable and affordable.

We can’t speak for every company, but Bulktextmessage does not sell customer details to third parties for a fee. As far as we are aware, our competitors don’t either as they want to remain respectable and keep their brand image intact.

Companies that offer internet-to-mobile services only tend to be the websites that abuse the trust of customers and give other sms marketing services a bad name. We recommend researching any companies you are considering using to determine how credible they are.

Wireless carriers

If you do have any doubts sms marketing firms, try your wireless provider. Most telephony service providers in the US offer online sms messaging over the internet. However, most services will only permit messages to be sent to and from customers using the same service.


Due to these limitations, internet to phone services are not suitable for businesses. The other option is to use Google Voice or Google Hangouts.

If you do choose to go down the Google route, you have to sign up for a number – which requires a Google account. Again not the ideal solution for anti-Google businesses that do not agree with the company’s lax privacy rules.

You also need a Google Voice account which requires the same email address you use for your gmail account. Once you have set up your account go to settings and enable chat. Your sms messages will then be diverted to Google Hangouts through Google Voice.

Send sms online for Android users

Smartphones that have the Android operating system can install an app MightyText which links your phone to your Google account. You also need to install the app on your desktop computer and the two devices will be synced to enable you to send text messages to mobile phones.

When sending an sms message using a web interface, the messages are sent through your phone line like emails. However, the messages are then diverted through whatever internet to mobile app you have installed and forwarded on to the recipient’s mobile device.

SMS marketing is becoming extremely popular for businesses, and because it is easier to type messages on a keyboard rather than a phone, sending sms messages online provides a convenient solution.

Send SMS Messages Online. Where To Find Trusted Sources?
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Send SMS Messages Online. Where To Find Trusted Sources?
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