SMS Marketing Messages Help To Increase App Use

Apps and SMS messaging go hand in hand on mobile devices and you can marry the couple together in your text marketing efforts. Given 90% of people open an sms marketing message within 15 minutes of receipt, texting is a great way of raising awareness about your app.

There are more mobile devices in active use around the globe than there are people, so now the world is upwardly mobile, sms marketing presents a wealth of opportunity for brands to get their apps in front of consumers.

But with so many apps available in Apple, Google and Microsoft app stores, text messaging offers an alternative solution to raise consumer awareness. Some of the top brands are already using bulk sms messaging to promote their mobile apps.

If you are new to text message marketing and need some marketing ideas to promote your app, take a look at the examples below to see how it’s done.

Dunkin Donuts text message marketing

There are a host of leading brands that have a fully-functioning mobile app landing page, including some brands you would not expect would find benefit from an app. But Dunkin Donuts are proving all the doubters wrong and showing they are much more than a brand with icing and sprinkles on top. The DD app promotes customer perks including the beverage reward system and exclusive offers to loyal customers.  

Target SMS marketing

Target is using sms marketing to great effect by buzzing in-store customers to promote their mobile app. Given the app has advantages for in-store shoppers (you can use the app to scan barcodes for more information about the product) the discount retailer has enjoyed a surge of app downloads. And all it takes is a quick and easy text message that reads “Text App to 827438”.


Although Macy’s struggled with some of the SMS marketing campaigns in the past, it has not deterred their marketing team to keep trying. And now they have learned to be more creative they are enjoying more success. Their latest mobile marketing campaigns promote the app with an enticing subheading informing customer the app “let’s you do more with your smartphone.” They even include images to show users what the app looks like.

Bank of America

Given the convenience of mobile banking, it makes sense for banks to offer customers a secure mobile app they can access directly from their handset. Mobile technology is so sophisticated you can target customers with product-specific ads related to Apple or Android devices.


When you’re out and about and want a good restaurants close by, FourSquare is the place to go for advice – but how many mobile owners think to download the app for FourSqaure? Not so many, which is why the review site prompted users to download their app with an SMS marketing message.

Using sms marketing to raise awareness of products, apps, services, events or your brand is a cost-effective way of spreading the word and getting consumers to take action.

SMS Marketing Messages Help To Increase App Use
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SMS Marketing Messages Help To Increase App Use
How fortune 500 companies use text messages to increase app use
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