Studies Reveal Texting Makes Us More Honest

Studies in the psychology of texting are still in their nappy stages, but researchers have already concluded that texting makes us bolder and more honest when expressing our feelings.

You may appreciate these finding from personal experiences, and studies are confirming our sub-conscious actions – we are more likely to show our true feelings in a text message than we ordinarily would speaking with someone face-to-face.

SMS messaging affords us some space between our friends, lovers and enemies and because of that detachment, we feel more comfortable saying what we actually think and really feel. It’s a good way to break the ice.

It’s the same principle in marketing. Using sms messaging to conduct surveys is beneficial because people tend to be more honest in a text message than they might be if you asked the same survey in the street.

So what is it about text messaging that makes us feisty, forthright and revealing? Psychologists believe it’s because we are in our comfort zones and feel less anxious than in the presence of the recipient.

In one study, researchers found there is something stimulatingly satisfying about firing off an angry text in the heat of the moment. Texting may not always be productive, but it allows us to express ourselves from a distance.

The popularity of text messaging

SMS text messaging is central to our lives. Ever since the introduction of cell phones it has become common place to shoot off a text rather than calling the recipient.

Surveys reveal that on average, Americans aged 18-29 send and receive over 80 text messages a day, but only make 17 calls. Even people over 65 that are less accustomed to mobile technology text more than they call.

One psychologist suggested that the preference to text rather than call is because we seldom have time to call and chit-chat. Yet we can span a conversation over the course of a few hours with friends whilst getting on with something else.

The culture of texting has enhanced the capacity for brands to reach out to their customers in recent times. Sending bulk text messages is easy and affordable and with over 90% of sms messages being read is an effective brand marketing tool.

SMS marketing is less intrusive than other forms of advertising which is why recipients are more accepting and responsive. A study showed consumers are more likely to respond positively to text marketing messages received on a cell phone than any other device.

The reason for this is because our psycho-cognitive and emotional factors are stronger when marketing messages are received on a handheld device compared with desktop PC’s when our brains are engaged in other activities such as work or research.

Because of our love for text messaging, brands have the opportunity to connect with customers and receive a positive reaction. And understanding customer psychology,, behaviour and attitudes towards sms messages enable marketers to enrich the customer’s mobile experience.

Studies Reveal Texting Makes Us More Honest
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Studies Reveal Texting Makes Us More Honest
How texting makes us bolder and more honest when expressing our feelings, leading to advantages when doing SMS marketing campaigns
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