Valuable SMS Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

It didn’t take long for big brand marketers to recognise the power of SMS marketing. And small business owners are recognising the value of text message marketing as well.

The statistics for mobile marketing are incredible. To give you a quick overview:

Consumers are clearly receptive to receiving SMS marketing messages. More importantly, the majority of recipients feel compelled enough to take advantage of the offer. As a small business owner, it is in your best interests to take advantage of mobile marketing.

Creating mobile ads

Mobile is a deeply personal channel of marketing. The first rule of SMS marketing is to confirm permissions from customers before sending ads via text.

The second principle to keep in mind is to keep ads relevant to your target audience. Knowing the interests of your customers is vital, especially when looking to forge relationships and build a loyalty program.

If you send too many SMS marketing messages to customers that have no interest in the type of deals you are offering, they are more likely to unsubscribe from your list of contacts.

Marketing on mobile also requires a highly creative approach. You have to find a way of communicating your message in a limited space on a small screen. You also need to consider where SMS fits into your overall customer journey.

Messages should be short, distinct and compelling. Marketers have to make it clear what the offer is and inform customers what they have to do next.

Also limit the number of text you send to customers and keep it to a minimum of three or four times a month. However, the number of appropriate texts you send varies from one business to the next, particularly if your message is time sensitive.

The key point to remember here is not to be intrusive. The purpose behind a text message is to create a dialogue that will grab the attention of your customers. Treat SMS marketing with respect and do not abuse the privileges you have been given to contact customers.

Building a mobile app

For many small businesses mobile apps are a conundrum. On the one hand they are a great weapon to use for raising brand awareness and expanding your loyalty program, but they also have to serve a valuable purpose to customers on a regular basis.

Furthermore, the function of the app has to have some relevancy to your small business. Otherwise, it makes is difficult to justify building an app to help promote and sell your products.

In the past, a lot of small businesses fell into the trap of building gaming apps – just to give customers something to do. But the lack of relevancy didn’t persuade customers to purchase products. Furthermore, people soon lose interest in games and the app becomes redundant.

The functionality of an app should have a practical use that offers a benefit to the lifestyle of your customers. It’s has to serve a purpose that offers value. When you achieve this, you improve customer engagement and build an affinity with buyers.

Before building an app, you need to understand your audience. Start by answering this question: what are their pain points and how can you make their life easier with a mobile app?

Until you have an idea for an app, pursuing this route as a mobile marketing strategy is a waste of time, effort and money. SMS marketing is an alternative option that is much easier and far more cost-effective, yet essentially achieves the same ends; you raise brand awareness and increase sales.

The growth of mobile coupons

As mobile technology improves and expands into brick-and-mortar stores, more consumers are warming to the idea of cashing in on mobile coupons. It is estimated that 31 billion eCoupons will be redeemed globally in 2019.

Mobile coupons are already being used more than print coupons. And if you make coupon deals time sensitive, you increase your chances of creating more sales from one SMS marketing campaign.

Because SMS marketing is affordable and effective, small businesses have the opportunity to grow their business and enjoy a better return on investment than any other digital media – particularly if search engines and social media are not driving traffic.

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Valuable SMS Marketing Tips For Small Businesses
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Valuable SMS Marketing Tips For Small Businesses
Tips for successful Marketing campaigns using SMS messages
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