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Who we are

BulkTextMessage is a company founded thinking of the need for companies to get their message out. We have created a platform that allows you to send multiple text messages to a previously uploaded database or to any amount of loose numbers for any purpose you need it. We offer you a tool for marketing, customer service, quality assurance, loyalty programs, verification, reminders, etc. We also offer the capability for two-way communications so that your customers may reach out to you too, making it easier to reach out and hear your customers, all in one simple, easy to use platform. Bulktextmessage is the answer to all your communication needs, and is fully customizable to respond to the pace of your business, and if there is anything you need you can contact us and we’ll be happy to work on your request. Pick BulkTextMessage today and start reaping the benefits of using the best, easiest method for reaching your customers!

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